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    [[Hvide Stjerne]] [[Mars Development Corporation]] [[Mars Interplanetary]] [[Nanodynamics]] [[Orbital Air]] [[Terradyne]] [[Titan Consortium]] [[Triplanetary Lines]] [[Twin Peaks Bank and Trust]]

  • Nanodynamics

    Nanodynamics grew rapidly in the early 21st century and is now one of the world’s largest corporations. Its biocybernetics division pioneered many uploading, cybershell, and brain-implant technologies. The company’s many subsidiaries manufacture all forms …

  • Orbital Air

    Orbital Air holds a key position in the twenty-first century; with their large fleet of French-made Hermes spaceplanes they monopolize all orbital lifting capability, with the exception of a few governments, none of which offers comparable service. Many …

  • Titan Consortium

    An alliance of several companies (mainly American and South American) and governments for the purpose of settling Titan and mining helium-3 from the atmosphere of Saturn. Its major activities include He3 gas mining, chemical refining, and fusion-power …

  • Triplanetary Lines

    Along with Mars Interplanetary, this company dominates interplanetary passenger and cargo services. It specializes in Earth-Mars-Saturn trade. Its crews are Farhauler’s Guild members. Its main offices are at Islandia. *Transhuman Space*, pg. 96

  • Hvide Stjerne

    Hvide Stjerne is an important ground-based manufacturer of orbital satellites. Currently suffering considerable competition from similar firms based in space. *Transhuman Space: Fifth Wave*, pg. 57

  • Mars Interplanetary

    The system’s biggest interplanetary carrier, this Chinese company is based at Taiko Station with major offices on Mars. It operates huge colonial transports and luxury fastliners. It recently laid off many human workers, replacing them with bioroids grown …